My Mission

Gold Heart Staging is all about focusing on maximizing the sale of your home.

As an entrepreneur and a certified graduate of the UltimateStager Academy™, I am passionate about helping people live beautifully.

I have been creating beautiful homes and retail businesses for many years as an interior decorator and as a merchandiser. I  decided to put my years of experience into home staging. It gives me great pleasure to have a home transformed and sold in a short period of time. The gratitude that comes out of the whole experience is undeniable for everyone involved.

Still not sure you want to home stage?

Think of it as an investment. Less time on the market means money in your pocket.

Professionally staged listings look better on MLS which appeals a lot more to the buyer contrary to an unstaged home.

Everyone comes out a winner!

Why you should stage your home

Get the Highest Price for Your Home

A well-staged home is aesthetically pleasing, inviting, and will stand out from the crowd making it more appealing to the buyer. Gold Heart Staging will ensure your home is staged to perfection.


Staging Helps with Procrastination

A stager will assist with decluttering and depersonalizing. You will have to tackle this at some point. With an experienced stager, the job of doing this task will free up your time for other things and get the job done professionally and in no time at all.


You Get One Chance to Make a Great First Impression

Staging will turn your home into a great first impression! Most buyers are "wowed" within the first few steps of entry into your home. Why not make that your home.